Yihsien Chen (b. 1989) is a Taiwanese composer currently living in California, San Diego. With strong interests in visual art and landscape painting, Chinese and Japanese calligraphy and ink-painting especially, he tries to use sonic elements to depict various materials in painting, such as layering, curves, and linear pulses, creating an imaginary landscape in the sonic world where listeners can visit and experience as if they are entering into the real landscape. 

         In 2019, Chen was selected by Copland House for their award-winning, “What’s the Score?” program. He was commissioned to compose a wind ensemble piece, Dancing Ink, for University City High School. His works are performed mainly in Taiwan and the United States, including NTSO composition competition (2013 and 2016), University of California, San Diego Jury Concerts (2016 and 2017), June in Buffalo (2018), Singapore Saxophone Symposium. He has also cooperated with Mivos Quartet, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, and MIT Saxophone Ensemble, UCSD Palimpsest ensemble etc. In 2019, Chen was awarded the two years scholarship provided by the Taiwanese government, Ministry of Education, for his research on the soundscape. 

         Chen studied with Prof. Shyhji Pan-Chew and Prof. Hope Lee and received degrees from Taipei National University of Arts (B.A.) and National Taiwan Normal University (M.A.). He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in composition at the University of California, San Diego where Prof. Lei Liang is his advisor and chair committee. He also studied with Katharina Rosenberger and Chinary Ung.